Aeroponic Strawberries: Grow Your Strawberries In Air

Aeroponics is a new trend in horticulture. Everyone would have tried growing strawberries in soil but no one would have thought of growing them in air. Yes! Everyone will get startled at the thought of growing fruits in air, but this is 21st century and the trends are definitely going to be ultimate. Aeroponics is thus a technique driven after quick succession after hydroponics.

Hydroponics is a technique where the plants are grown in water medium without use of soil. Aeroponics is a closely related science where plants are grown in an environment of air and mist.

Those who have tried hydroponics would like to know more about aeroponics, the method is more or less same the only difference being the water pumped is sprayed in the form of mist otherwise the plants remain suspended in air, even the roots. Both the systems otherwise supply the vital requirements to the plant using a liquid medium. In case of hydroponics large amounts of water is required to deliver essential nutrients to the plant.

Aeroponics is a technique where in the plants are grown in an airy medium that is full of mist but no soil at all. This is also known as air culture. Aeroponics is derived from the Greek term aero means air and ponic means to make. Aeroponics has tremendously revolutionized the yield and quality of the cultivation.

Ideally aeroponically grown strawberries are healthy and nutritious as they have been grown in an environmentally mimicked environ that is free from pest and disease. All that the plant needs, the nutrients, oxygen, water, sunlight everything is supplied to the plants but without the need of the soil.

Thus the strawberries grown using this technique tells us they are healthy and able to flower and grow fruits on them. Not only strawberries, blue berries, water melon, tomatoes, cucumber many vegetables and fruits are grown using aeroponic technique.

In case of growing crops in arable land, the plants indeed grow well, but the growing limitations to access to the agriculture land we have to look into other options where plants can be grown without soil. This helps small farms and nurseries to cultivate vegetables better.

In case you want to grow aeroponic strawberries, you need hydro atomizer and aeroponic plant holding structures. Hydro atomizer helps to form a mist of nutrient solution that is sprayed on the root system. There are various aeroponic systems you may adopt, such as DIY aeroponic systems or else you may set up an aeroponic system on your own at home.

A set of 4 inch pvc tubes, half inch PVC tubes, connectors, elbow clamps, water pump, reservoir, upper tray, atomizer, mister or sprinkler system. A four inch PVC tube may be used as a grow tube where the plants are grown. The half inch PVC tubes, connectors, elbow clamps used will be used for making a channel and connections from nutrient reservoir, water pump and the grow tube. The system may also be integrated with sensors to measure the pH, concentrations, temperature and other parameters of the nutrient solutions.

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